glass sheet

Glass sheet

The glass sheet produced by the Vetreria la Piastra is compatible with the Venetian glass (Murano) such as Millefiori and Bacchette.
This qualitatively advanced product is suitable for the production of sliding glass doors, for the realization of artistic glazed frames, "Tiffany"-like processing, etc. or for glass melting for the production of gifts and fancy goods, lighting systems, furnishing (tiles), ceramics, etc.

The colorations, available in a wide ever evolving range, takes place through the insertion of typical substances that in the correct dosage specific of the artistic glass, selectively absorbs the light and determines the desired chromatic effects.


Glass cotisso

The cotisso, or blocks of coloured glass in paste or neutral substance, has stimulated the fantasy of artists who have employed it in the production of artistic works. Decorative, it is used above all in the exterior design for gardens or flower-beds.

Milled and inserted in the agglomerates, it is used for the formation of Venetian pavements.

flakes and threads

Flakes and threads

Always attentive to the various requirements of the customer, the Vetreria La Piastra has widened the production of accessory products for the melting of glass with flakes (or confetti) and spaghetti.
These are available in the various colours of the sheet and are used to create particular decorations.

They are characterized by an expansion coefficient of 104 and are therefore compatible with the Venetian glass.

glass granolithic

Glass granolithic

Derived from the milling of the sheet or of the cotisso, it is available in several colours of the GALILEO sheet and in various granulometry.
It can be used for the decoration of artistic glass doors, and in glass melting works.

Cold sheets are used for the decoration of garden and flower-beds.

special processing

Special processing

Vetreria La Piastra is in a position to realize special products upon request and upon customer’s design, using the glass "pouring" technique.